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Transsexual Portraits
by Loren Cameron


An intimate, remarkable self-portrait of a
female-to-male transsexual photographer

“Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe, Diane Arbus among many others have all trained their lenses on the transgendered figure. Never have the transgendered seriously photographed their own. Not until Loren Cameron, that is.”

— Kate Bornstein, author, Gender Outlaw

“Loren Cameron’s razor-sharp vision compels us to focus on the complex transition from which transsexual men emerge. Cameron’s photographs are as exquisite as they are meaningful.”

— Leslie Feinberg, author, Stone Butch Blues
and Transgender Warriors

“An irreplaceably valued documentation of a cultural moment....”

— Diane Middlebrook, author,
Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton

“....Cameron’s strategy is to... allow his subjects to speak for themselves, creating an informative and emotional document that is likely the first of its kind.”

— Barbara DeGenevieve, Camerawork

“At just the moment post modernism would have us believe there is nothing photography hasn’t already shown us, Loren Cameron’s images defy all expectations. Welcome to the future.”

— Doug Nickel, Photography critic

Photography/Gender studies. 120 Pages. 8/5" X 10"
Paper $27.95 ISBN: 1-57344-062-0
Cloth $34.95 ISBN: 1-57344-063-9
World Rights: Cleis Press

Loren Cameron is the author of multiple books about transsexuality. Please click to see Man Tool: The Nuts and Bolts of Female-to-Male Surgery (Zero eBooks 2001), and click to see Photographs by Loren Cameron Volumes 1 and 2, and Volume 3: Correspondence 1997-2001 (Taller Experimental Cuerpos Pintados 2003)